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126° 58' EAST

Seoul is nowadays currently experiencing a wave of creativity even though it still honors its distinctive past. From fashion to cuisine, architecture and art, the city has become a perfect place for anyone who is seeking to leave its marks. Two years ago, I decided to leave Belgium behind and travel alone for 3 months to South Korea. I’ve always been attracted to this country, its culture and its fashion so it was quite important to me to discover it someday.
Everything seemed incredible and different to me. I was able to walk alone without fear and insecurities. Everything was practical, logical and organized.
Even if Seoul is a big city, you easily find your marks and get used to it. It becomes a big Village with well-distincts districts : one for the youth, one for the international, one for the culture, one for the business,... From the relaxing walks around the Han River to its vibrant nightlife, from its traditional places to its modern areas, from its green spots to its small unknown streets, Seoul is a real mixture of different vibes.

For this project, I really wanted to mix Seoul’s different atmospheres with the korean fashion, two of the city’s aspects that inspired me a lot. Korean fashion is probably the future of Asian fashion, owing to the large number of upcoming designers and fashion houses that are settling down there. The infrastructures required to sustain a large textile industry – factories, fabric mills, a large customer base, good business practices, celebrity culture, education and training opportunities, are all available in Korea. The Korean government has highlighted fashion and art as the next “soft power” to be exported alongside K-Pop and K-Dramas around the world. Infrastructure and governmental support are perhaps the strongest reasons why Korean fashion is powering along right now. Besides that, I noticed a real desire from the young people to express themself through their style.
The Seoul Fashion Week is organized twice a year. The shows take place inside the Dongdaemun Plaza meanwhile everyone, starting from the highschool student to the famous model, gather freely together outside. Every person who was photographed during this project – models, influencers, visitors at the Fashion Week, is somehow related to the K-fashion or to the K-beauty.



Title : 126° 58' EAST

Date : 17th June 2021

Dimensions of the books : 210mm x 297mm

IMG_0075 2.jpg
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